Happy Reformation Day!

Happy Reformation Day!

There are many informative and helpful posts being published today concerning Martin Luther, his 95 theses, and other events related to the Protestant Reformation. Here at Particular Voices, however, we like to take you to the sources (ad fontes) in true Reformation style. So enjoy these few portraits and pieces from Martin Luther.

Martin Luther, 3

Samuel Clark, The Marrow, 227

Martin Luther, 1

Francis Atterbury, An answer to some considerations, 6-7

Martin Luther, 2

Martin Luther, Colloquia, Preface

Sleidanus, The General History, 2

Melancthon, A Famous

And in good Luther fashion, a little rhetoric…
Alber Erasmus, The alcoran of the franciscans, 139, 141

Adam Melchior, The life of Dr Martin Luther, 141

Adam Melchior, The life of Dr Martin Luther, 142

Martin Luther

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