Online Particular Baptist Resources

This page is dedicated to collating online links to copies of Particular Baptist literature (which are rare). PDF downloads of original sources are the preferred material, but transcribed works are useful as well. If you know of any, or if you find any, please leave the link in a comment, or send a message through the about/contact page, so that I can update this page.

Here’s what I have collated so far:

Broadmead Bristol Church Records (1640-1687)

John Bunyan

The Confession of Faith (Various Editions):

The Baptist Catechism, i.e. “A Brief Instruction in the Principles of Christian Religion”

Philip Cary

Hercules Collins

Benjamin Cox

Nehemiah Cox

Thomas DeLaune

Charles Marie Du Veil

Thomas Harrison

Benjamin Keach

William Kiffin

Hanserd Knollys

Isaac Marlow

John Norcott

Thomas Patient

John Piggot

Andrew Ritor

John Spilsbury

See also:

John Humfrey, Animadversions and Considerations, Titlepage-1


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