Announcing: Crux, Mors, Inferi: A Primer and Reader on the Descent of Christ

I am pleased to announce my new book entitled Crux, Mors, Inferi: A Primer and Reader on the Descent of Christ.

Where was Christ’s soul between his death and resurrection? As its title suggests, Crux, Mors, Inferi (Cross, Death, Underworld) addresses that question. The first half of the book is a primer, comprised of five chapters presenting an exegetical argument for the descent of Christ to Sheol. The second half dedicates four chapters to historical theology, investigating the place of the descent in the Protestant tradition, especially the major influences and branches of the Reformed churches. The majority of this second half is a reader of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century sources relating to the descent. These sources represent a variety of views in dialogue with one another, including Lutherans, Reformed, the Church of England, and even Particular Baptists.

Two appendices and a Scripture Index complete the contents of the book, totaling 230 pages.

You can purchase it in three formats (Paperback, Hardcover, or Kindle eBook), here.

The talented artist who designed the cover is Benjamin Aho.