Happy St. Pádraigh’s Day!

Happy St. Pádraigh’s Day!

Today is a special day to celebrate the wonderful country of Ireland and its people and history.

The following facts about Ireland will be brought to you by a pretentious Englishman who is convinced that England saved the Irish from themselves…

Richard Cox, Hibernia pdf 26-1

Ok…I’m pretty sure that’s not true. And I’m pretty sure that this author couldn’t be any more English.

Anyway, let’s start with the ancient history of Ireland. Who were its first inhabitants?

Richard Cox, Hibernia pdf 14-1

Never mind. Let’s not talk about that.

Tell me about their language.

Richard Cox, Hibernia pdf 15

Look who’s talking…Englishman. Really though.

At least the Irish have great music. Right?

Richard Cox, Hibernia pdf 26

Goodness gracious.

The people are nice, though.

Edmund Campion, The Historie of Ireland, 13


Ok, but surely Ireland has one unique and pleasant thing about it.

Richard Cox, Hibernia pdf 14

Yes! I can’t imagine a better place to live! Pick your location on this nice map.

William Petty, Hiberniae

I hope you enjoyed these interesting facts about Ireland. And I hope you’re not English, because…well…it’s so much better to be Irish!

Happy St. Patty’s Day.

Erin go bragh!

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