Coming Soon: God without Passions, A Reader

Coming Soon: God without Passions, A Reader

If you confess that God is “without passions,” you may have wondered about the meaning of that phrase, as many have. However unclear it may be to some, it is of great importance to the doctrine of God. And indeed when removed, the entire doctrine unravels. To understand this phrase requires an understanding not only of the language being used, but also of the doctrinal affirmations that precede it. In other words, confessing God “without passions” is one piece of a much larger interrelated and interdependent system.

For those who desire to study this topic so as to confess with sincerity and a clear conscience that God is “without passions,” this book will fulfill the task. Drawing from sixty authors (ten of whom were Westminster Divines), this reader provides a clear picture of both the specific meaning of the phrase “without passions” as well as the larger theological context in which it is placed. After a foreword by Carl Trueman and an introduction, there are six chapters and an appendix:

1. The Reformation (1523-1565)
2. Early Orthodoxy (1565-1640)
3. High Orthodoxy (1640-1700)
4. Particular Baptists
5. Philosophical Works
6. Confessional Documents
Appendix: Definitions of Affections and Passions

God without Passions
God without Passions Book

This book will be available through RBAP in a few days.


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